April 26, 2017

Medical Cannabis Shown to Be an Effective Alternative to Opioids

Chronic Pain (CP) is widespread, and, typically, opioids are prescribed for patients who experience CP. Opioids are ineffective for the treatment of CP, notably Fibromyalgia, and the adverse health risks, addictiveness, and side effects make long-term use of opioids a poor choice for this population. This cross-sectional survey of CP patients in Michigan assesses self-reported measures of quality of life, opioid use, pain management, and negative side effects. Among the participants in the survey, 64% reported reduced opioid use and 45% reported incresed quality of life. On the heels of the JAMA study in 2014, which showed significantly lower deaths by accidental opioid poisonings in states with Medical Marijuana laws between 1999-2010 (Bachhuber, et al., 2014), this study warrants additional research.

Boehnke, K., Litinas, E., and Clauwz, D. "Medical cannabis use is associated with decreased opiate medication use in a retrospective cross-sectional survey of patients with chronic pain." The Journal of Pain. 17.6: 739-744. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpain.2016.03.002